Why Be A Mentor?

Thinking of becoming a mentor in Lean In Energy? Wondering who makes a good mentor?

The answer is YOU!

Why be a Mentor? 

We’re at a pivotal moment and now is the time to engage in empowering women across the energy value chain. Mentorship and sponsorship are key drivers of success, yet women can have a harder time finding mentors and sponsors, especially ones with influence. The good news is that we can mentor other women at any stage in our careers, and it pays off when we do. According to LeanIn.org, women who are mentored feel more supported and are often more satisfied with their career.1

How much experience do I need to be a Mentor? 

Lean In Energy is seeking Mentors at all levels in their careers.  This includes junior, mid, and senior-level employees working anywhere across the energy value chain.  No matter what stage you are at in your career – you should consider signing up to be a mentor. Early in your career? There are plenty of women who are still in school or in the early stages of their careers who can benefit from your knowledge.  A few years of technical experience can be extremely valuable to a senior person in another field.  Senior in your field?  Pay it forward and help others learn from your experiences – the good and the bad ones!  

What does it take to be a Mentor?

The Small-Group Mentoring Program is a 6-month formal mentoring program with a ratio of 1 mentor to 4 mentees. The amount of time spent with your mentees will vary from person to person, but should 2-4 hours a month  As a mentor, you can also sign up for the Flash Mentoring program.  This is a year-round program that will periodically match you up with a mentee for a one time, one hour ‘flash’ session. For each of these programs, you have the ability to set schedules and hours of availability. 

What if I don’t get along with a Mentee?

Mentors and mentees are matched through smart-matching algorithms based on application/profile questions. Through this process, we hope all mentors can find some common ground to work with their mentees.  However, should insurmountable challenges arise, the Lean In Energy team is available to provide support or alternative matching.

Sign up and be a part of closing the gender gap in energy.

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