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Welcome to the 2020 GRIT Awards and Best Energy Workplaces. In addition to honoring energy’s best people and workplaces, our program will tackle a range of topics including:

  • What the presidential race means for the energy industry
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in the wake of COVID 19 and a recent White House executive order
  • What companies are planning to do next year to help recover from the struggles of 2020
  • Why the pandemic and economy are pushing women out of the workforce — and how to respond
  • How to build great internal culture and remain resilient
  • Katie Mehnert, Founder and CEO of ALLY by Pink Petro
  • 2019 Individual GRIT Award Winner, Monica Krishnan, Chevron Technology Ventures and her mentor, Arran Davidson, Vice President 
  • 2019 Male Ally GRIT Award Winner, Paul Greenwood, ExxonMobil

Energy is a national priority and a critical part of that is the infrastructure and workforce we need for the future.  In 2019, the ALLY community convened the first Energy Workforce for the Future summit inviting companies from oil and gas, power, renewables, academia and affinity groups to address a joint effort to accelerate progress on the workforce.   How are corporations, large and small, across the value chain 

  • The Honorable James Campos, Director, US Department of Energy, Remarks
  • Arquella Hargrove, ALLY Academy Coach and Founder, Epic Collaborative Advisors – Moderator
  • Panelists: Gilbert Campbell, President and Founder, Volt Energy
  • Deanna Jones, Chief Human Resources, Baker Hughes Company
  • Bryan Schumaker, Chief Financial Officer, TPI Composites
We’re living in unpresendented times. How do you motivate teams and leverage the pandemic to build strong culture?  How as an individual can you display radical resilience as an individual and as a leader?  Choose between one of our breakout sessions and click the links below to join the ZOOM ROOMs. 
  • Shantera Chatman, ALLY Consultant and Founder PowHer Consulting, Building Strong Cultures – Zoom Room 1
  • Landi Spearman, ALLY Coach and CEO, Organized Shift, Radical Resilience – Zoom Room 2

With demand for engineering expertise far outstripping supply and half the experienced engineering workforce set to retire in the next decade, the sector is facing a crippling skills shortage. In order to power future energy projects, the industry must act now to fully tap into this enormous potential talent pool.  We explore the recent NES Fircroft Women in Energy study to talk about retention in a changing energy landscape.

  • Anna McKay, ALLY Coach and Founder of Parents Pivot 
  • Vicki Codd, Managing Director, Marketing, NES Fircroft
The post COVID 19 world has created unique challenges. We have lots of work to do when it comes to the energy transition.  It’s going to take all forms of energy and all kinds of people and ideas to power us into the next era.  In this segment we’ll talk allyship and a framework for how we can work together to achieve big goals.  

  • Katie Mehnert, CEO of ALLY by Pink Petro
  • Shantera Chatman, ALLY Consultant and President, PowHer Consulting
  • Paula Glover, CEO and President of American Association of Blacks in Energy

What might a new administration hold for global energy post election?  Will fracking really be banned?  How will American energy jobs be impacted by a 2nd administration under Donald Trump or a new administration with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And what does the new diversity executive order really mean?  How will equity play a role in the energy transition?  We’ll explore this and your questions.

  • Katie Mehnert, CEO and Founder, ALLY by Pink Petro 
  • Claire Brodio Johnson, President, CBJ Energy, former co-founder
  • Dr. Daniel Kammen, Professor of Energy, UC Berkeley and Former Science Envoy, US State Department

This networking session will be led by Anna McKay, ALLY Coach and Founder of Parents Pivot.  Come prepared to connect with other attendees just before our awards presentation.  Join ZOOM ROOM 3.

  • Katie Mehnert, Founder and CEO, ALLY by Pink Petro
  • Shantera Chatman, ALLY Consultant & President of PowHer Consulting
  • Arquella Hargrove,  ALLY Coach & CEO of Epic Collaborative Advisors 
  • Anna McKay, ALLY Coach & Founder of Parents Pivot
  • Landi Spearman,  ALLY Coach & CEO of Organized Shift



Shantera 1 -

Shantera Chatman

11:30 am – Room 1


Landi -

Landi Spearman

11:30 AM – ROOM 2


Anna -

Anna McKay

1:30 PM – ROOM 1



We congratulate all of the finalists named for this years 2020 GRIT Awards.


Aera Energy LLC

Aera Energy is one of California’s largest oil and gas producers, accounting for nearly 25% of the state’s production.


EAG Services, Inc. | EAG 1Source, Inc.

EAG is a specialized consulting firm devoted exclusively to Upstream and Midstream business and technology services.

GreatWesternPageLogo (1)

Great Western Petroleum, LLC​

Great Western’s focused area of operations is in one of the most prolific and active areas of the continental United States: the Denver Julesburg Basin in northern Colorado.

Sunnova (1)

Sunnova Energy International Inc.

Sunnova Energy International Inc. is a leading residential solar and energy storage service provider, with customers across the U.S. and its territories.

AimeeHeadshot (1)

Aimee Borders

Rubberband Slingshot, LLC, Founder, Content Director

Aimee began as a very talented copywriter specializing in the energy space, but in time, she has grown to become a communications strategist who leads by example, lifts others and has a unique understanding of the industry, our company and our stakeholders and a special gift for finding the sweet spot between what we most need to communicate and what our stakeholders will be receptive to. When you’re an energy company in a social media space


Alex Morrison

Halliburton, Principal Product Champion

Alexandra Morrison, started out here career with Halliburton as a Laboratory Technician in 2008 where she worked on projects focusing on Completion Fluids, reservoir drilling fluids and fitlercake breakers. From there Alex has held several roles in the organization, such as a field engineer working on the rigs in the North Sea, to a Global Technical Advisor for completion fluids and promoted in 2018 to her latest role as Global Product Manager for Completion Fluid Systems.

Angelique_Palacios (1)

Angelique Palacios

Worley, Deskside Support

Angelique brings a unique perspective coming from a support roll for the entire Worley organization. Having few female role models within the IT department here at Worley, her passion is to see more women in leadership positions and empower each other to reach for bigger and better opportunities, as well as, help each other break the glass ceiling and climb the corporate ladder.

Baishali_Roy (1)

Baishali Roy

ConocoPhillips, Manager, Petrophysics and Seismic Analysis

Baishali Roy has been making an impact as both a geophysicist and a manager within the industry throughout her career that spans over twenty years. She has been a technical innovator, partnership builder, and mentor to both technical and manager colleagues. Her technical leadership includes championing the development of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology with fiber for ConocoPhillips, which is well recognized as a competitive advantage for the company.


Barbara Hill

Schlumberger, Rock Domain Champion, Western Hemisphere

Barbara has had a diverse career in the geosciences, including spill cleanup as a hydrologist, developing an exploration program for uranium leases, and teaching at several colleges and community colleges. Through teaching, she encouraged several students to consider a career in the oil industry. At least five of her students are still working in the industry today. Barbara returned to the oil industry when she was hired to the Petrology group in the Schlumberger Houston Reservoir Laboratories.


Calicia Johnson

Chevron, Water Strategy & Planning Manager

In her third role at Chevron, Calicia moved to Midland, Texas to join a new team focused on executing small capital projects. It provided her with greater responsibility in a fast-paced environment. Calicia was in a new business unit, with new terminology and the learning curve was very steep. This position has turned out to be the most rewarding pat of career due to her willingness to learn, humility, and perseverance. 


Carolina Diaz

Shell, Subsea Project Engineer

Shell hires outstanding people, and Carolina Diaz is no exception. While at Shell she has been provided with opportunities to see and shape her own projects from early stages, to how equipment is designed, built and installed offshore. Carolina has achieved this all of this while managing contractors and driving a safe, quality and financially robust scope.


Claire Aitchison

Baker Hughes, Druck Operations Leader

In 2003 Claire joined the Druck business (part of GE) and worked in various roles including Six Sigma Black Belt, Planning and Materials Leader, Fulfillment Champion and Lean Manufacturing Leader. Claire had a good knowledge of the Pressure Sensing business and its product ranges and delivered significant change in its Aerospace division as the Lean Leader with her Lean Team.


Eduard Agarunov

VRT Power, Engineer

Eduard holda a Bachelor in Science from Israel Shenkar College of Engineering and Design Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Specialization VLSI Chip Design and Microelectronics. He also has a practical engineering degree from Israel technology college with a specialization in Automotive Electronic Engineering. 

Elaine_Petty (1)

Elaine Petty

Halliburton, Software Manager

Three years ago, Digital Solutions was a new concept and Elaine was asked to start the software team to build cross product line well construction, production monitoring and real time software while also collaborating on software across Halliburton. Through her perseverance and strong community she was able to create a growth turning point for 2020. 

Erin_Larner (1)

Erin Larner

Aera Energy LLC, Manager of Operations

Erin has been an almost life-long participant in the women’s ERG space. Starting as an active participant in our mentorship group to assuming the leadership liaison role, she has renewed her effort every year. Her leadership and guidance in shaping the group to this day has been priceless.

Eva_Peytcheva (1)

Eva Peytcheva

Halliburton, Business Segment Manager

She is extremely dedicated and we rely on her advice and judgement on a regular basis when making decisions. Very influential to our UK business. Petra regularly looks at different ways of doing things, further to the point above, she brings a strong diverse opinion to all decisions. Her leadership is growing regularly and has demonstrated a true commitment to mentoring her staff.


Faye Moore

EAG Services, Senior Manager

Faye joined EAG almost a year ago bringing over 16+ years of oil and gas experience to the team. Faye has been instrumental on leading an engagement for one of our largest clients to date. This major project embodies every one of EAG’s business units and is the most complex and high profile in our history.


Hanna Newstadt

Wood Mackenzie / Genscape, Power Market Research Manager, MISO and SPP

Hanna admits the biggest challenge she has faced at Genscape was gaining confidence as a leader as she transitioned into a managerial role. By attending a company week-long leadership intensive she was able to receive some feedback and has made a complete 180 in her leadership skills. 


Jane Myneni

Aera Energy LLC, Inclusion & Diversity and Engagement Lead

Jane works tirelessly for the ERGs as the I&D and engagement lead for our human resources department. She holds our monthly lead meetings and facilitates our conversations to and from the executive level. Every interaction is extremely supportive and filled with great perspective on corporate optics and compatibility from a human resource standpoint.


Jessica Leung

Aera Energy LLC, Facilities Engineer

Jessica has the ability to get people to come together to make differences within our company. She is currently the President of the Women’s ERG at Aera and she takes personal responsibility for making sure that information is communicated to all members of our Organization. She’s thoughtful and makes a great sounding board without judgement, offering up advice to help alleviate any situation someone may be experiencing.


Jocelyne Machevo

Eni, External Relations Manager

Jocelyne convinced the Government of Mozambique to approve the FLNG Project between 2014 and 2016. This proved to be a challenge as her particular project was a novelty at the time for the government but though teamwork and thinking outside the box she was able to succeed. 


Katie Hulsey

ConocoPhillips, Senior Geologist

Katie Hulsey is one of the most passionate individuals I have met involved in Inclusion at ConocoPhillips. While many people are just starting to personalize inclusion and discuss how their organizations might make changes to enhance their working environment, Katie has already rolled up her sleeves and dived deep into the heart of action. Unafraid to have the tough conversations, she is a quiet influencer with the rare ability to speak about sensitive subjects with empathy while also moving the exchange along in a productive direction.


Lauren Milisits

Shell, Brownfield Project Manager

Lauren’s Brownfield project (King Embayment) aims to reduce the time from discovery to first oil through accelerated funding of long-leadequipment in order to bring oil wells online to generate cash for the Shell portfolio. She is the contract holder for our line pipe order($4MM) and umbilical ($6MM) and the equipment was ordered in December 2019, prior to the global pandemic.

Linda_Mohammad (1)

Linda Mohammad

Aera Energy LLC, Production Engineer

Linda is a superstar and a truly inspirational woman. She is a huge advocate for inclusion and diversity, heading the Aera Black Employee Network. What is truly remarkable about this, is that she is not a member of the affinity group yet she is such a strong ally that they have accepted her fully into their leadership.

Lorena_Moscardelli (1)

Lorena Gina Moscardelli

Equinor, Principal Researcher Exploration

Lorena is a STEM and Geoscientist role model. She has PhD in Geology from University of Texas at Austin and more than 20 years of experience in geoscience. She has worked at the Bureau of Economic Geology in Austin, TX and she is currently a Principal Geologist at Equinor. 

Lorena_Metre (1)

Lorena Van Metre

ConocoPhillips, Development Integration Manager – Argentina

As the Lead of the ConocoPhillips Hispanic Network, Lorena has used her emotional intelligence, empathy, and mindfulness to effectively communicate goals and align members of other networks to support the Hispanic Network initiatives – raising over $8,000.00 and 2.4 tons of supplies with the help of over 80 volunteers to support the communities in need in Houston and Latin America in 2019.


Pamela Fann

Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, Director of Member Services

As membership director, Pamela works with partner organizations to help collaborate on energy efficient measures in the SE.  They also come to her as a resource from bridging the diversity gaps in their organizations. These opportunities have given her tremendous personal and professional growth.

Quinn Parker

Quinn Parker

EMI consulting, Director

Based in Seattle, Washington, EMI Consulting has provided research-based strategic consulting in the energy industry since 1995. Quinn’s firm employs 33 professionals across the United States with diverse subject matter expertise. 


Rebecca Miller

Wood Mackenzie / Genscape, Power Market Analyst

Working in the energy sector has provided Rebecca with many opportunities to develop and apply technical skills and to be challenged by talented, capable colleagues. She, however, claims the most rewarding aspect of her work has revolved around creating access to safe, affordable, and reliable electricity.


Shara Hammond

Marathon Oil Company, Leadership and Inclusion Manager

Shara is Marathon’s CHAMPION for Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion. She is a networker and gets things done. Shara is a true representative of Marathon Oil’s values – she Takes Ownership, Collaborates, Makes Bold Decisions and Delivers Results. Every day, she’s tasked with taking informed risks with confidence.


Shobhana Mani

Halliburton, Technology Director

Shobhana Mani is the Technology Director for the Halliburton Wireline and Perforating business line, based in Houston, Texas. Shobhana is the only female technology director and successfully leads a diverse team across five different global locations to deliver state-of-the-art R&D and sustaining technology.


Stephanie N Nwoko

Premier Oilfield Group, Lead Reservoir Geologist/Geomodeler

Stephanie is a pioneer in the geologic community and has served as the Secretary of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for 2 years. As a woman of color in the industry, Stephanie, has broken down barriers and supported efforts at the EC level for full participation by all AAPG members.


Sunday Shepherd

Chevron, Manager, Applied Reservoir Management and Exploration, Mid-continent

Sunday Shepherd leads the Asset Reservoir management and Exploration team for Chevron’s largest shale and tight assets in the Permian basin, within the Chevron North America. In this role she leads a group of engineers and earth scientists impacting the business through reserves management, chemical EOR pilots, exploration, reservoir characterization, completions, geophysics and petrophysics services for the business unit.


Terra George

EOG Resources, Geological Specialist

Terra George is an excellent candidate for the GRIT Award for many reasons. First and foremost, Terra is an amazing person who genuinely cares about the well being of others. Terra goes above and beyond to make sure her mentees are “OKAY” and to ensure they are supported and feel validated.

Tonya_Jordan (1)

Tonya C. Jordan

ConocoPhillips, Managing Counsel, Labor, Employment & Benefits

Tonya is a 28 year employee of ConocoPhillips and is currently the Managing Counsel, Labor, Employment and Benefits in our Legal department. Her legal experience includes extensive work in the areas of employment law and employment litigation, including considerable legal experience with commercial transactions.


Traci Clarke

Worley, Assurance Advisor

Traci comes to Worley from the acquisition in 2019 of Jacobs ECR. She is currently the Americas’ regional leader for Women of Worley and has played an instrumental role this past year in helping to integrate Jacobs Women’s Network and Women of WorleyParsons into one organization.


Uma Ranagathan

Equinor, Senior Leader People and Leadership

In a career spanning 9 years, Uma has had more than 6 roles and has been part of multiple organizational projects. While she was nominated for some of them, in many cases she would raised her hand and volunteer to take on the roles. She has built her expertise on being courageous and has never regretted being curious.


Åshild Hanne Larsen

Equinor, SVP and Chief Information Officer

Having worked her way up from the position as offshore catering assistant to CIO. Saying yes to opportunities that come up, being open about who she is, what she knows and relying on her teams expertise are what Åshild credits her success to. 


Christina Sistrunk

Aera Energy LLC, President and CEO

As the only female President and CEO in the valley, Christina has been a strong force in promoting and supporting women in the workplace. She has created time in her schedule to meet with the women’s ERG to hear their story and be transparent with her support and perspectives from the executive level. Her door has always been open. During her tenure, the Aera Leadership Team (ALT) has changed from predominately male to half female. 


Colleen M. Scholl

HDR, Senior Vice President

Colleen Scholl is a Senior Vice President and Professional Services Director with HDR, an architecture and engineering firm headquartered in Omaha, NE. In this role, Colleen directs the engineering activities and technical staff for industrial client projects including managing the QA/QC and risk assessment processes. 


Decie Autin

ExxonMobil, VP Project Management

Decie Autin is Vice President, Central Project Management ExxonMobil Global Projects Company and leads an organization that supports major capital projects for ExxonMobil’s upstream and downstream businesses. Throughout her 40 year career, Decie has been a champion of women’s empowerment and has helped pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse environment.


Elizabeth Hunter

Halliburton, Cementing Regional Technical & BD Manager

Liz started off her professional life by moving to South Africa to work in the mining industry. Later joining Halliburton, she moved from managing the laboratory thru to engineering, then business development and on to operations management, embracing every opportunity for professional growth.

Hillary_Holmes (1)

Hillary Holmes

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Partner, Co-Chair of Global Capital Markets Practice

Hillary H. Holmes has been a leading transactional attorney in the energy industry for decades. In addition to her exceptional legal experience in the energy industry, she has always been passionate and dedicated to mentoring other women to ensure their success within this industry. Hillary is a partner in the Houston office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Co-Chair of the firm’s Capital Markets practice group and a member of the firm’s Securities Regulation and Corporate Governance, Energy, Private Equity and M&A practice groups.


Julie Luecht

KPMG LLP, Principal, Houston Advisory Market Leader and Advisory Industry Leader for Energy, Natural Resources and Chemicals

Julie leads the KPMG Houston Business Unit advisory practice and is also the Advisory Industry Lead for Energy. Her experience in the energy industry, knowledge of the marketplace, compassionate leadership, and professional demeanor truly exemplify the definition of GRIT. She holds her colleagues accountable to the highest level, as a benefit to both that individual and to KPMG.

Khia_Chukudebelu (1)

Khia Chukudebelu

Baker Hughes, Executive – Global Business Operations

Khia leads through inclusion, collaboration, and context. At the start of the Covid pandemic, she took on the role of leading the African American Forum, an employee resource group within Baker Hughes. In one quarter, she grew membership and allies by 40% and has been a leader in designing Baker Hughes’ response to social justice concerns. She is a trusted partner by her peers and participates on our CEO ‘pulse’ panels.

Nicholas_Olds (1)

Nicholas (Nick) G. Olds

ConocoPhillips, Senior Vice President of Global Operations

When you think of encouragement, Nick Olds is the perfect image and that is why we would like to nominate him for an Executive GRIT award. Nick has proven his boundless commitment and constant support to the ConocoPhillips Hispanic Network initiatives.

Sandy_Lee (1)

Sandy Lee

S&B, Senior Vice President Project Services

Sandy Lee is a maverick. She has skyrocketed into her current role by displaying her superior ability to think on her feet and manage her people in the best way possible. In her current role, the IT, HR, Procurement, Information Management, Project Controls and Construction Services groups all funnel up to her. She has been with the company for more than 20 years, working from entry level to executive leadership, setting the bar a little higher for her peers and the next generation of management.


Summer Condarco

Halliburton Energy Services, Vice President HSE, Service Quality and Continuous Improvement

n 2006, Summer joined Halliburton to lead the implementation of Lean Six Sigma across the manufacturing organization. She has since held other rolls across the company including Manufacturing Center Manger in Singapore and Alvarado, Texas, Production Group Leader for Completion Tools, and Director of Manufacturing for the Halliburton Sperry and Wireline & Perforating product service lines. She has also held Director roles in Manufacturing and Supply Chain in Carrollton and Houston.

Susan_Fakharzadeh (1)

Susan Fakharzadeh

Great Western Petroleum, LLC, Vice President of Corporate Communications & Government Affairs

An influential leader in the business community, Susan has spent the last 11 years of her career dedicated to political engagement, policy work, outreach, and education in the oil and gas industry across North America. Susan is the first female to be promoted into a vice present role at Great Western. Under her leadership, the involvement of Great Western has grown exponentially at a local, state and federal level through community partnerships and relationships with elected and appointed officials.


Ujunwa Ojemeni

Office of the Commissioner for Energy & Mineral Resources Lagos State, SA Technical

Ujunwa is a driven professional that is passionate about improving access to energy in Nigeria. She has led various initiatives as that are targeted at bringing together key stakeholders of the sector to solve the critical challenges within the industry. She has also created significant impact by leveraging her previous experience to drive much-needed investment required to support the growth of the sector.

Claudette Hayle_

Claudette Hayle

Cygnus Energy Group, LLC, CEO

Claudette Hayle is the Founder and CEO of Cygnus Energy Group, and Cygnus RE. With the intent of achieving Circularity, Cygnus Energy Group trades Environmentally Compliant fuels Internationally, while Cygnus RE focuses on delivering Renewable Energy Solutions that will foster the realization of a Net Zero Carbon Society.

Dawn Lima

Dawn Lima

DJR Intl Investments, Inc, President

Dawn has demonstrated courage, resolve and strength of character over her 25yr career in the Oil and Gas Energy industry. Dawn’s three pillars of Operational and Technical Experience, Volunteer Commitments and Leadership demonstrate that Dawn shows others that anything is possible if you set goals, remain disciplined and persevere.

Deanna_Centurion (1)

Deanna Centurion

Cyera Strategies, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Cyera Strategies helps energy and utility clients navigate complex social, environmental and regulatory requirements in order to strength their social license to operate and improve long-term financial performance. We specialize in stakeholder engagement, regulatory compliance and management consulting services.


Geraldine Gray

Endiem, CEO and Founder

Geraldine is the founder and CEO of Endiem, a partner trusted to deliver brilliant Salesforce solutions for the energy sector for clients like ENGIE and Talen Energy. Self-funded from Day One, she has grown her business from one-woman-at-her desk to the largest independent Salesforce Consulting Partner in Houston.


Jamie Dandar McKinney

Jamie Empowers

In 2019, Jamie launched her own company, Jamie Empowers, to empower women in male dominated industries. She has demonstrated GRIT, determination, altruism and creative ways to pivot no matter what challenge has greeted her. She uses obstacles to drive opportunities and has delivered 11 virtual workshops in just 5 months

Brent_Ilott (1)

Brent Illott

Drilling Manager at Aera Energy LLC

Brent has participated in the women’s ERG events for as long as they’ve been open to the entire company. He has been a strong supporter and active participant in conversations in our space from executive presentations to event planning. Having a male ally on the management level lends great credibility especially when he lends his voice to the discussion.

Marcus_Malveaux (1)

Marcus Malveaux

Global Operation Manager at Halliburton Energy Services

Brent has participated in the women’s ERG events for as long as they’ve been open to the entire company. He has been a strong supporter and active participant in conversations in our space from executive presentations to event planning. Having a male ally on the management level lends great credibility especially when he lends his voice to the discussion.


Aera Black Employee Network (ABEN)

Aera Energy LLC

Our ERG, Aera Black Employee Network (ABEN) strives to improve the way Black employees at Aera experience the Aera system, toenrich their Aera journey, and to leverage their skills, knowledge, and experience in the delivery of Aera’s business results.

awedi-logo (1)

African Women in Energy Development Initiative (AWEDI)

AWEDI is the first organization focused on developing African women across the energy value chain by offering networking opportunities, professional development, mentorship, career sponsorship (acceleration) capacity building, leadership training for women at all stages of their energy careers.

AAPG logo (1)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Women’s Network

HR Executive

The mission of AAPGWN is to make a positive difference, provide guidance, support, increase participation, and promote the advancement of women in geosciences and the Energy Industry. The vision of the AAPGWN is to lift the status of women in the petroleum geosciences such that women’s issues become non-issues.


Black Employee Network (BEN)

Chevron Corporation

BEN believes in empowering our members to be top performers by helping to build their brand and increase their network of influence. The organization gives employees more access to career development opportunities, mentoring, company participation, and community involvement.


Digital Solutions North America Women in Commercial Planning Team

Baker Hughes, Digital Solutions

As a part of our ongoing efforts to elevate and educate our women in sales & commercial roles, we organize an annual event to bring everyone together to discuss relevant topics impacting our industry. This year, the topic was on Resilience as we brought together stories, tips, and tricks in both our personal and professional lives.

BH German

Diversity & Inclusion Group Baker Hughes, Celle, Germany

Baker Hughes Incorporated

The Diversity & Inclusion Group is a group of employees for employees that already exists at the Celle campus since several years. With its four main pillars in which the group is set up, the group raises awareness for diversity and their projects strive for inclusion.


GeoLatinas: Latinas in Earth and Planetary Sciences

GeoLatinas is an inclusive, circular organization driven by its members. We have the mission of embracing, empowering, and inspiring Latin women and underrepresented groups to pursue and thrive in careers in Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Mcdermott logo

Global Women’s Network (GWN)


The Global Women’s Network (GWN) is one of McDermott’s longest running employee resource groups that aims to create a positive career experience and support network for women at McDermott. We transformed GWN in 2019 with a program relaunch and renewed focus on delivering professional development activities and opportunities.


IMPACT Carbon Capture Use and Storage Team

Baker Hughes Incorporated

The Diversity & Inclusion Group is a group of employees for employees that already exists at the Celle campus since several years. With its four main pillars in which the group is set up, the group raises awareness for diversity and their projects strive for inclusion.

Worley Logo (1)

KUUMBA / The Black Employee Network


KUUMBA has served as the “go-to” for many to build and grow relationships with Worley’s senior leadership and we look forward to continuing our community service efforts in the future.


WINRS- Women’s Initiative Network

Reed Smith LLP

Reed Smith is proud of its award-winning Women’s Initiative Network (WINRS), whose goal is to develop the next generation of women lawyers and leaders.


Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE-UK) Scotland


AFBE-UK promotes higher achievements in education and engineering particularly among people from black and minority ethnicity(BME) backgrounds. Their mission is to increase the number of BME Engineers who succeed professionally and support young people to explore a career in engineering.

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Gilbert Campell

Gilbert Campbell

Panelist: Equity in Energy

Deanna Jones

Deanna Jones

Panelist: Equity in Energy

bryan schumaker

Bryan Schumaker

Panelist: Equity in Energy


Anna McKay

Moderator: Retaining Talent in a Changing Energy Landscape

Vicki Codd

Vicki Codd

Panelist: Retaining Talent in a Changing Energy Landscape

Shantera Chatman

Shantera Chatman

Panelist: Allyship A Framework & Breakout Session on Creating Strong Cultures


Paula Glover

Panelist: Allyship: A Framework for Moving Forward


Landi Spearman

Breakout Session: Radical Resilience

Claire Johnson

Claire Brodio Johnson

Panelist: Energy and a Presidential Race

Daniel Kammen

Dr. Daniel Kammen

Panelist: Energy and a Presidential Race