Relationships, Conflict, Power and Office Politics

re·la·tion·ships, con·flict, pow·er and off·ice pol·i·tics roadmap

The associations interrelated with each other that one is concerened with to successfully run an organization.

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Ally-Ship
Khaliah Guillory

How to Combat Weight Discrimination in the U.S.

Businesses approach me about creating diversity and inclusion programs to discuss gender, race and sexual discrimination in the workplace. But many employers forget about weight discrimination, even though

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Nicole Braley

The Art of Big Relationships

Last month, thanks to my generous organization, Wood Mackenzie, I returned to the UK to continue my leadership development with Future – Engage – Deliver

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Capitol Hill
Sustainability & Climate
Ally Community Admin

Katie and Ally Conquer Capitol Hill

Katie’s legislative hearing did a great job representing Pink Petro, Experience Energy, women, and other underrepresented members of the energy industry. Watch her speak here:

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