Critical Thinking and Analysis

crit·i·cal think·ing and an·al·y·sis roadmap

The objective of forming an analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

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Change and Resilience
Ally Community Admin

Law in an Era of Disorder

This post was originally published by Baker Hughes Regina Jones, Baker Hughes’ Chief Legal Officer, says it might be easier to describe what she hasn’t had to

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Having Less Pink Petro
Critical Thinking and Analysis
Pink Petro

When is Less More at Work?

In the daily grind, as we strive for success, we often measure this in terms of things we possess. A nice car. Check. The latest iPhone. Check.

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Dictionary Definition of Bias
Critical Thinking and Analysis
Katie Mehnert

An Unfiltered Discussion on Bias

After listening to the AAPG president’s views on the low percentage of women recognized for awards, Terra George published an open letter to the American

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