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About “Grow with the Flow”

The world unleashes daily tidal waves of information, and in our current news cycle, it can be overwhelming. Our planet’s energy is changing—not just industrially, but fundamentally and spiritually too. As the current conversation around global energy, technology, and the economy pushes our collective psyche to burst, how can we learn to ride these waves?

Katie Mehnert is staying in the water to find out. She’s spent decades building her career as a health and safety executive working for Shell and BP. In 2014, she leaned in to form Pink Petro, a startup that’s addressing the intersection of an inclusive workforce and the energy transition.

When Hurricane Harvey uprooted her work and life in 2017, she began to think less about controlling energy and more about how to grow from it. Grow with the Flow is all about personal evolution, because personal evolution is about planetary evolution. Each of us is a puzzle piece in our collective future, and each of us matters immensely. So be mighty, be bold, and grow. The world depends on it.

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