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The modern architect of culture change in energy, Katie Mehnert is the Founder and CEO of Pink Petro™, the global community and career resource aimed at disrupting the gender gap in energy. And in 2017, she launched Experience Energy the only global careers platform aimed at delivering the energy transition.


Katie has held global leadership roles with BP and Shell in safety and environment during periods of financial crisis, spills, divestment and globalization. Katie’s early career included consulting with Duke Energy, Entergy and Enron. Her corporate path drove her to entrepreneurship to help energy companies prepare for the looming talent shortage and workforce diversity needs to address energy poverty and climate change.


In 2019, she testified before Congress on the clean energy workforce of the future. She’s published in Scientific American, Forbes, The Hill, CNBC, CNN, and other international outlets. She is also the founder of Lean In Energy, a global nonprofit solely devoted to mentoring in the energy sector.


Katie is a four-time World Major marathoner having completed London, Chicago, New York and Berlin. Her husband is an associate general counsel with Baker Hughes. They live with their 8-year-old daughter in Houston’s Energy Corridor. Her recent book Grow with the Flow released in April 2020.


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Building a Personal Brand, Becoming an Ally in Gender, Race & Sexual Orientation, Becoming a More Confident Negotiator, Developing leadership and management skills, Developing an inclusive culture in my organization, Developing my social influence skills, Finding a coach, Figuring out what to do next, Focusing on health and wellness, Getting inspired and motivated, Getting recognized for my work, Growing my business, Growing my ERG or affinity network, Increasing my level of digital competence, Joining a private, public or nonprofit board of directors, Learning how to be a better problem solver, Learning how to be a good storyteller, Manage personal finances, Mentoring in a group or 121 setting, Navigating change, Navigating retirement, Move up and get paid more, Network more efficiently, Raising my profile by speaking and/or writing, Recruiting diverse talent, Starting and succeeding as a solopreneur, Starting an ERG or affinity network, Succeeding as a working parent, Taking better care of myself physically and emotionally, Tapping into sponsorship, Volunteering my time

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In person live training, Online live training, On demand training, 121 Coaching, Group Coaching



Pink Petro

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Chief Executive Officer

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Human Resources–Diversity Talent/Learning, Change Management

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