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Geraldine Gray is the founder and CEO of Endiem, a partner trusted to deliver brilliant Salesforce solutions for the energy sector for clients like ENGIE and Talen Energy. As Houston’s largest Salesforce Consulting firm, Endiem discovers, designs, and builds Salesforce solutions that scale for growth and help businesses achieve their goals.

Career Development

I am interested in

Building a Personal Brand, Becoming an Ally in Gender, Race & Sexual Orientation, Becoming a More Confident Negotiator, Developing leadership and management skills, Developing an inclusive culture in my organization, Developing my social influence skills, Finding a coach, Finding a mentor, Focusing on health and wellness, Getting inspired and motivated, Getting recognized for my work, Growing my business, Growing my ERG or affinity network, Having more flexibility at work, Joining a private, public or nonprofit board of directors, Learning how to be a better problem solver, Learning how to be a good storyteller, Mentoring in a group or 121 setting, Navigating change, Navigating retirement, Network more efficiently, Raising my profile by speaking and/or writing, Recruiting diverse talent, Succeeding as a working parent, Taking better care of myself physically and emotionally, Tapping into sponsorship, Volunteering my time

I am interested in these kinds of training:

In person live training, Online live training, On demand training, 121 Coaching, Group Coaching


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CEO and Founder

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Consulting/ Professional Services

I am working in

Integrated Oil and Gas