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Christine Prah

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I co-founded On Pointe Consulting in 2018 and we specialize in providing environmental and cultural resource surveys, reporting, and permitting for the pre-construction phase of energy development. We work from the Rockies, to the Gulf Coast, to the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. We are not like the rest, we are a woman-owned small business that thinks big and keeps your projects on pointe!
My whole career has been spent working as a field biologist so starting my own company and jumping into the CEO position has introduced me to natural talents I never knew I had and was passionate about. Challenges are opportunities for success!

Career Development

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Building a Personal Brand, Becoming an Ally in Gender, Race & Sexual Orientation, Becoming a More Confident Negotiator, Developing leadership and management skills, Developing my social influence skills, Finding a mentor, Getting inspired and motivated, Getting recognized for my work, Growing my business, Having more flexibility at work, Learning how to be a better problem solver, Learning how to be a good storyteller, Manage personal finances, Network more efficiently, Raising my profile by speaking and/or writing, Recruiting diverse talent, Taking better care of myself physically and emotionally

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Online live training, On demand training, Group Coaching


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Co-owner, CEO, Energy Market Biological Services Lead

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Technical – Engineering, Scientist or Other

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Midstream, LNG, Power and Utilities, Wind, Solar, Water