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Co-Founder | Executive Coach | Change Manager | Leader Development | Project Management | Organizational Effectiveness | Works with Clients to achieve Dynamic Evolution, increasing Business Value ad Improving Profits

I enjoy growing and developing talented millennials and female leaders and value direct, honest feedback. I co-founded Meraki International after over 25 years of experience at Shell, specializing particularly on change management initiatives, executive coaching, organizational effectiveness, and training and facilitation. I have led major change initiatives at a Fortune 50 company, coached top level leaders, conducted profitability improvement studies, and launched interventions by facilitating ‘difficult’ conversations and implementing ‘hard’ changes.

I worked for Shell for 21 years holding roles in change management, executive coaching, organisational effectiveness, and training and facilitation roles across all of Shell. While there, I lead a team of 100+ global change managers. My team managed large-scale initiatives with global and organizational impacts to an audience of 140k employees in 70 countries. I also coached and lead large-scale change initiatives for some of the top 100 leaders at Shell and am a founding officer of Shell WAVE (Women Adding Value Everywhere). My years at Shell gave me the valuable experience as a global leader and change manager that I needed to start my own consulting company and gave me countless opportunities to focus on growing and empowering diverse talent.

I am available for consulting engagements and other opportunities, you can contact me directly at [email protected] or

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Building a Personal Brand, Becoming an Ally in Gender, Race & Sexual Orientation, Developing an inclusive culture in my organization, Developing my social influence skills, Growing my business, Growing my ERG or affinity network, Joining a private, public or nonprofit board of directors, Mentoring in a group or 121 setting, Recruiting diverse talent, Volunteering my time

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Online live training, On demand training, 121 Coaching, Group Coaching



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Co-Founder, Meraki International

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Consulting/ Professional Services

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Shell Oil Company


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Meraki International