“Be Ready to Stretch”

Gastech 2019, the world’s biggest gathering of natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and energy professionals, is offering a Diversity & Inclusion in Energy program in order to promote sustainable change within global energy companies. Gastech Insights has created the Diversity and Inclusion in Energy eBook to share the advice of seven industry professionals, including Laurie Dowling of NUDC, for those looking to enter and progress in this evolving sector.

Advice from Laurie Dowling

Laurie Dowling is the Executive Director of the National Utilities Diversity Council (NUDC) which encourages diversity in the utilities and communications industries. They conduct research and share best practices in supplier diversity, workforce diversity, language access/customer service, governance diversity, and philanthropic diversity.

To successfully recruit, nurture, and retain diverse talent requires both a clear mandate and support from the C-Suite and corporate Board, and a dedication on the part of the whole company to rigorously work toward equitable ways of identifying talent and making sure the pipeline through the leadership journey is clear and wide. Laurie says:

It’s a privilege to work with some of the world’s leading thinkers on leadership and diversity over my career and see what a tremendous impact a healthy diversity and inclusion pathway can mean to a company’s innovation and bottom line.

There have been tangible differences experienced by companies like Comcast, IBM and PepsiCo in this regard. But ultimately, Laurie agrees with the Co-Chair of NUDC’s Board – “We either believe in equality or we don’t, there is no halfway point.

Laurie shares this advice from her journey in the energy industry:

“If you’re at the beginning of your career in this industry or as you move along the path I would strongly recommend that in addition to doing excellent work, you be aware of how to show your readiness for those stretch opportunities. Understand the strategic direction of your company, the landscape of where your company fits into its industry, how your part fits into the company as a whole. .”

Wise advice from an energy industry leader for every stage of your career!

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Fill out the form here to request the full eBook by Gastech. Diversity in the workforce is best for business and imperative for the future of the energy industry. Learn more, inspire your team and ignite your energy by attending Gastech 2019!

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