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Is It Possible to Wipe Out Workplace Death?

Meet Industrial Scientific, one of the newest members of Pink Petro. Industrial Scientific, a Fortive company, is on a mission to end workplace death by 2050.

Bold statement? Perhaps.

But Industrial Scientific has been at the forefront of life-saving gas detection devices for over 30 years. They created one of the first wireless gas detectors on the market. Plus, Industrial Scientific’s gas detectors were amongst the first launched on the NASA space shuttle.

Today, the company is employing new technology such as live monitoring software – simplifying and improving industrial workplace safety.

Industrial Scientific was the first to offer companies in utilities, chemical production, oil & gas, steel, and more the opportunity to lease gas detection products rather than purchase them. Companies can lease service through iNet® Gas Detection as a Service. iNet simplifies the management of gas detection for its customers.

In September of 2018, the Company introduced its RGX™ Gateway.

The RGX Gateway alerts safety contacts in real time of any gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations that are happening in-plant or in the field.

The RGX Gateway transmits readings from gas detectors in the field to iNet® Now software, giving emergency personnel critical information about the location and type of hazard workers are being exposed to. This is the latest innovation toward their vision of eliminating workplace deaths by 2050.

About Industrial Scientific

Founded in 1985 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Industrial Scientific originally focused on serving the mining industry. However, it has now blossomed into a global company with 800+ employees and offices all over the world.

In 2017, Fortive, a diversified industrial growth company out of Washington state purchased Industrial Scientific.

The purchase has expanded the company’s technological and financial support even further. Furthermore, the additional resources have helped the company move closer to its vision.

While Industrial Scientific works with multiple industries, energy is one of the main sectors that it serves. It provides technology and life-saving gas detection devices to companies in upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Why Join Pink Petro?

According to Lisa Mork Davis, a global accounts manager for Industrial Scientific, she discovered Pink Petro last year and introduced it to the company.

“I’m interested in Pink Petro because it encourages diversity and inclusion within organizations, which is something that is aligned both with my personal goals and the goals of our company.”

Lisa Mork Davis, Global Accounts Manager

Industrial Scientific was on board

As a working mom, Lisa believes companies need to be supportive and inclusive of all genders. She has been in the industry for 23 years and what she loves about Industrial Scientific is that women are an integral part of the company – working in all areas including engineering, sales, and customer service.

Lisa hopes to see more young women join the industry.

We do too, Lisa!

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