The ALLY Community Roadmap

The strength of our community is based on feedback. We are committed to quarterly releases to enhance our community. Below are the features planned for our roadmap. As things are being developed or planned, we’ll keep you posted. Bookmark this page and visit often.

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  • Editing Posts (Q3) – We are adding the ability to edit your activity posts after publishing them.
  • Cover Photos Cropping (Q3) – We will allow for cropping of Profile and Group cover photos after uploading, so members can reposition their cover photos at any time
  • Performance Caching (Q3) – We are building a user specific, event-driven caching layer which will help with performance.
  • Media – Video Uploading (Q3) – We are building our own Videos system in the Media component, which will support uploading of raw video files into activity, groups, messages and forum replies. The uploaded video files will be compressed and then viewable as playable videos
  • Messages – Live Loading (Q3) – We want our Messenger to update in real time, similar to iMessage and WhatsApp. This will make our messenger much more responsive, and will allow us to extend it later on with a live chat box on the site that is in sync with the messenger
  • Desktop Notifications (Q3) – We are adding support for desktop push notifications, allowing notifications from ALLY™ to be displayed in the browser even when the website is not loaded on screen.
  • Web Push Notifications (Q3) – We are adding support for on screen notifications, allowing notifications from ALLY™ to be overlaid within the website as slide in “glimpse” notifications that appear on screen and can be dismissed
  • Scheduling posts (Q4) – We will allow users to create activity posts, which are set to be published at a specific date in the future instead of immediately.
  • Hashtags on posts (Q4) – We are adding support for #hashtags in the activity feed, allowing people to create their own hashtags and use them in posts to create trending activity
  • Polls (Q4) – We are adding the ability to publish polls into activity feeds, for other members to vote on and then view the results.
  • Reactions (Q4)- We are extending the “Likes” functionality in the activity feed to include reactions, allowing users to select emojis such as Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry, etc.