Our Branding and Content Guidelines

We’re proud of our brand. #

We all want to tell a compelling, forward-thinking story about the Pink Petro℠ experience. While there are many different internal and external audiences, the tools presented here should inspire each of us to take part in the Pink Petro℠ story.

Pink Petro brands include Pink PetroSM, ALLY℠, The GRIT Awards®, Best Energy Workplaces®, Experience Energy®, The Voices of EnergySM, The Faces of EnergySM, and Energy Workforce of the FutureSM. These brands are trademark entities by the United States Trademark and Patent Office. The TM and SM marks must be used in the first mention either in communication text and/or graphics. 

For more information download or print our full branding and content guidelines. #

Brand Font & Colors #

The brand font uses Open Sans.  The base Font is Open Sans, Weight is 400 Style is Normal, Size is 14px

  • Pink PetroSM   – Hex: #e50695, #5c3327; RGB: 229, 6, 149 and 92, 51, 39
  • ALLYSM – Hex: #ee4180, #5b1934, #201d1e; RGB: 238, 65, 128, and 91, 25, 52 and 32, 29, 30
  • The GRIT Awards®, Best Energy Workplaces®, Experience Energy® and Energy Workforce of the FutureSM – Hex: #00908c and #201d1e, RGB: 0, 144, 40 and 32, 29, 30
  • Energy Workforce of the FutureSM – Hex: #8cc641 RGB 140, 198, 65; Hex: #1072ba RGB 16, 114, 186; Hex: #db2d7c RGB 219, 45, 124; Hex: #58595b RGB 88, 89, 91

Brands #

All brand logos are trademarked and/or service marked by the US Trademark office and must be used according to their intended design and color codes.   In the case of artwork on a colored background you may use reversed brands.  All artwork should be approved in advance of release and prior written approval is necessary to use our logos on other materials. Not obtaining this approval constitutes an illegal use of our marks. Please contact us if you need help.

To download approved marks pick which brands you need here: Pink Petro | ALLY | Best Energy Workplaces | Experience Energy | GRIT Awards | Energy Workforce of the Future

Contributor Submissions #

Our members are all allowed a personal profile, the ability to post a blog and submit events. Here are some links to online help to give you guidance on how to position content best on our community. If you are not a member but want to contribute to our community, please contact us here.

Creating your ALLY profile #

Understanding what makes good content for the ALLY community #

Creating a blog #

Submitting an event #