Beta Testing: Major Release Update – 7/8/2020

Thank you for your patience the past few days as we worked to optimize the ALLY™  community. It is now back up and running and we are ready to continue testing and we’ve released some changes and are still working on others.    Thank you for the great feedback you have provided through the issue tracker.  Here’s an update:

Improvements #

Optimization #

  • The site has optimized for faster page loading and navigation.

Overall User Interface #

Screen Shot 2020 07 08 at 10.20.09 AM -
  • Menu bars: We’ve reorganized the left “panel” and consolidated the top navigation.
  • Ask Ally Feature: We’ve added a searchable help and we invite you to share what articles you think we should have added and will be adding more.
  • Live Chat Bot: We’ve move this to the moved to right side of the main page.
  • Landing Page: We’ve put up a landing page for the public version of the site; and will be tweaking the content.
  • Profile Update:  You can now select multiple options under interests, training, etc.  (use Ctrl key to select multiple options). 

Member Blogs #

You now have the ability to post blogs.  When you do they are moderated and pending but we ask you test this feature.

Groups #

  • We changed this to landing on Feed section.
  • We’ve fixed the option for you to invite other members based on the security of the group.
  • There are now options to create New Discussion in the groups.
  • We are loading up private groups for all of our member companies.  If you are a council member we will be reaching out soon to handover ownership.

Activity Feed #

  • We’ve removed notifications of photo upload, profile updates, members connected or group joined.

Membership Invoices #

  • The Invoice option has been removed for Individual Memberships but will be the option for corporations, groups and schools.

ZOOM Capability in Groups #

  • Members can schedule Zoom meetings within social groups, with a list of upcoming and past Zoom meetings, and the ability to watch recordings from completed meetings. This is a feature LIMITED to group owners only but it is now possible for our groups.

Privacy Options #

  • Members can select the privacy of their activity posts from a dropdown, so they can choose who is able to view each post. We extended these privacy options into media, albums and documents.  You can also have privacy locked down on your profile to specific fields.

Features Yet to Be Deploy Before Go-Live #

  • Cleanup of all pages ( GRIT Awards, Coaching, and Courses are not deployed yet but will be later this week) and into next week.
  • Job Postings and Payment
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Notifications – We’re working on looking at system wide notifications.  Our gamification program sends you notes about points.  We’ll be evaluating whether to turn these on after go-live.
  • Gravatars – These are the little photos up top that show your photo.  We’re working on these and will get them fixed.

Future enhancements #

We recognize you have a lot of feedback on features.  We’re planning the following planned releases in Q3 and Q4 (after go-live). You can read our planned roadmap here.